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CSN LogovestaviaThe CSN Team and supporters of the ADTRAV Community Impact Foundation made it happen again for Christmas.   Proceeds from fundraising and support from the ACIF allowed the CSN Team the opportunity to make Christmas presents a reality for 15 children again this year.   ADTRAV Family Members from Southlake, Huntsville and Vestavia did the heavy lifting and put it all together.  Thanks to all of you who support the CSN Team and the ADTRAV Community Impact Fund.

as gift pic

Michele Rima surveys the gifts that are ready to go to the children.

SMCC Presents


Christy Spencer is a wrapping expert!


JJ Johnson wrapping it up.


Accounting always comes together for CSN projects and team events.


Lisa measures twice and cuts once!


Sandra Callahan uses plenty of tape!


CSN LogoDon’t waste your time or money on a new iPhone 7.  The cool kids are getting onboard with something new and better.  We are taking preorders now for the ADTRAV Athletics / CSN Team Shirt.  Click here to get your order in now:  ADTRAV Athletics CSN Team Shirt Order Form . This is the go-to shirt for the next local 5K, Charity Walk, Half Marathon, Community Service Event or just a fancy night out on the town.  It’s a unisex shirt made with a high performance moisture wicking space age fabric.  This ain’t no cotton t-shirt that you end up cutting into rags to wash the car.  You’ll cherish this baby and be representing ADTRAV!  For only $20.00 you can get one for yourself or any other ADTRAV fan you know.  All proceeds go directly to the ADTRAV Community Impact Foundation and the charities that the Foundation supports.

ADTRAV Athletics_Shirt

CONGRATULATIONS to Amanda Ross for being the Winner of the 2nd Quarter 2016, Super Star Support Award.  Any associate may nominate any other associate in a non-agent/management role for this quarterly award.  At the end of the year, quarterly winners are considered, based on a points system, for Super Star Support Associate of the Year.  The nomination form can be found at this link: Super Start Associate Support Award – Nomination Form



image1 ar

Below you’ll find helpful information to ensure your Recharge session goes smoothly.

Recharge 2016 Logo

Recharge 2016 Agenda

1:00–1:15 Introduction
1:15–2:45 Executive Updates
2:45–3:00 Break
3:00–3:45 From Good to Great
3:45–4:15 Inquiring Minds Want to Know!
4:15–4:45 Our Personal Journey to Greatness
4:45–5:00 Wrap Up

Below are detailed instructions to utilize each tool—please read carefully.

GoToWebinar Instructions

Virtual attendees must register for their webinar session on GoToWebinar—this is different from your Recharge registration. You’ll receive an email with the link to register for your session.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email from ADTRAV Marketing <> with detailed instructions on how to join your session and add the session to your calendar. If you do NOT receive a confirmation email from GoToWebinar, please email

Test GoToWebinar!  

  1. Test Your Connection and Audio: The link below provides detailed instructions for how to test your connection and audio from your desktop:
  1. Ensure Proper System Requirements: View the “System Requirements for Attendees” link below for a step-by-step guide on how to ensure your system meets the requirements. All virtual attendees are expected to attend via computer to view their session. Please do not utilize your mobile phone.

If you have not already downloaded GoToMeeting, you will need to do so prior to joining your session. Please follow the instructions in the link below:

    • Review Poll Everywhere instructions below or on Journeys, and join on your mobile phone.
    • Review GoToWebinar instructions or on Journeys.
    • Test GoToWebinar.
    • Join Poll Everywhere via your mobile phone if you have not already.
    • Join your session via GoToWebinar 30 minutes prior to the session’s start time.

Joining Your Session

Please join your session 30 minutes before it begins. Your session login information will be in your confirmation email from GoToWebinar.

Having Problems Joining?

If you experience any issues, please review the following link for common problems and their solutions:

Having Audio Problems?

Please see the link below for a list of common audio problems and solutions:

Questions During Your Session?

  • Questions from associates regarding Recharge presentations can be submitted via GoToWebinar in the question box (ONLY the moderator will see your question).
  • Questions regarding GoToWebinar should be directed to or call ext. 3117.

Poll Everywhere

During your Recharge session, you’ll have the opportunity to ask and respond to questions in real time using your mobile phone! Comprehensive results for each question will appear on the screen. Individual responses will not be reviewed or displayed.

Please follow the steps below to participate—the more associates who respond, the more accurate results will be!

  1. Text RECHARGE2016 to 22333 any time before your session begins to opt in to the poll.
  2. You’ll receive a text message from Poll Everywhere that says, “You have joined ADTRAV Travel Management’s session (RECHARGE2016)…”
  3. During your session, use your mobile phone to reply to questions via text message to 22333 as they are presented. The results will be shown in real time! You can also submit your own questions.
  4. To opt out of Poll Everywhere after your session, text “LEAVE”.

For help, please contact or call ext. 3117.

Please email if you have any questions or need any assistance!


Recharge 2016 Logo

Strike up the band, kill the fatted calf, put on your dancing shoes….. Recharge 2016 is here!!!  That’s right, for the next two weeks we’ll be “Recharging” here at ADTRAV as we get ready for our sprint to the end of the year….


The first six months of 2016 have certainly been exciting.  We’ve welcomed a number of new accounts and new associates to the ADTRAV family.  We’ve also made some great progress on the 2016 goals we outlined at the annual meeting in January.  So, why attend the recharge meeting???

  • Learn more about our mutual achievements
  • Understand our focus for the rest of this year
  • Challenge yourself for personal growth
  • Celebrate individual success
  • Win fabulous prizes…

All at Recharge 2016 – Moving from Good to Great!


We’ll also have an opportunity for you to ask me about anything that’s on your mind.  You can send your questions in advance by emailing them to me directly.  Or if you prefer, you can wait until your recharge session and ask them at that time.  Either way, I want to address any questions you may have!!


Thanks for being a part of the ADTRAV family and I look forward to your participation at Recharge 2016!!


Roger Hale

ADTRAV President/CEO

If you haven’t met Sundae, she is our wonderful Human Resources Assistant that sits at the front desk in our Southlake office. Sundae came to ADTRAV on a temporary basis in September of 2014, and has been a valuable asset to the ADTRAV family ever since. When asked what her favorite part of her job is, Sundae simply replied, “I don’t have a favorite part, I love it all!”

On behalf of everyone at ADTRAV, Happy Administrative Professionals’ Day, Sundae! Thank you so much for all that you do!

Sundae Boyd

As mentioned during RECHARGE, we are excited to announce that our revised Associate Handbook is ready for review. The Associate Handbook is located on RezPortal under the Human Resources tab, however, we have included a link below to give you direct access to this document. Once you have fully reviewed the handbook, please feel free to forward any questions or comments you may have to

In the upcoming weeks we will have individual sessions, online and at Southlake, that each associate will be required to attend where your questions will be addressed at that time. Associates may register for their selected session by logging into SkillPort, located on the ADTRAV University tab on RezPortal. Please note that each associate will be responsible to coordinate their session with their manager to ensure adequate staffing amongst the team.

The Associate Handbook is located on RezPortal under the Human Resources Tab/HR Documents/ADTRAV Associate Handbook. You may also click the below link for direct access to this document.

Regarding the schedule of sessions, once logged into SkillPort please choose “Inspector Led Training” followed by “Session Schedule” (on the left hand side) and choose your desired session.

We look forward to seeing each of you during the upcoming sessions, and we welcome your questions and comments.


Your HR Partners

We are excited to announce that Buddy Hughes has accepted the position of Trainer. Buddy has been a part of the ADTRAV Family now for sixteen years and brings a wealth of knowledge to the department in many areas of the travel industry.  Buddy has vast experience with corporate & government travel departments in both international and domestic. His outstanding operational skills along with a positive attitude and a commitment to customer service will be a huge asset for the development of our training team.    Since Buddy has served in various roles that have progressively increased his skill sets, we believe he will definitely be a dynamic addition to the training team.  Please join me in congratulating Buddy on his achievement!

Additionally, Virginia Swift will be moving to the training team.  Her role will remain the same overall, and she will continue to provide support to the agents in the day to day operational needs as a part of our training helpdesk. This role will help us determine trends, and as a result we will be able to develop training focused on any specific areas of concern that will be in support of our overall operations.  Virginia has a vast knowledge of the GDS and brings the ADTRAV Family Values with her every day, so we look forward to this move and believe it to be a great fit.

Lastly, Melissa Gilbert is now moving to the training department as our new Quality Assurance Auditor.  This role will research areas of concern in the day to day operations where we find quality assurance issues.  Her role will research debit memos to determine trends and leverage that information to develop training/coaching sessions in an effort to help support, minimizing agent errors and debit memos.  As trends are identified she will work closely with the training team to develop training sessions and materials. Her role will include keeping up to date with the continued policy changes by the carriers and be that channel that helps communicate this out to everyone.  Melissa will also be available to back up Virginia as support to the agents as well.  Melissa understands carrier policies, agent processes and the hurdles we face in this ever changing industry and because she has worked in a variety of roles here at ADTRAV we know her skill sets will be an added value to this role.

Please let us congratulate all of our newest training team members!


Congratulations to Hope Miller and Cecil Kollmansperger for earning gift cards in November for their RezReferrals! Yep, they’re getting a little extra spending money this Christmas and you can too!  Just send all those personal travel requests to your dedicated vacation agent and log your RezReferral on RezPortal.  If you don’t know who your dedicated agent is, or are new to the company and don’t know about this program, please contact anyone in the vacation department for more information.
Again, big thanks go out to Hope and Cecil!

ADTRAV is pleased to announce two promotions to manager in the Technology department.

Jonathon%20Cain_jpgJonathon Cain has been promoted to Manager of Infrastructure Services. Jonathon has been with us through so many changes in the infrastructure area that he knows our systems like the back of his hand, and NOBODY knows our phone system like Jonathon does! Over the years Jonathon has been with us, he has shown his deep desire to give excellence in service and support to any and all of us. Jonathon has also demonstrated a hunger to increase his knowledge of networking, communications, and server virtualization, the backbones of our infrastructure environment. Jonathon brings the knowledge, maturity, and attitude needed to succeed in the manager ranks. Congratulations Jonathon! Under your leadership, we look forward to increasing excellence from Infrastructure Services team.

Seth%20Burton_jpgSeth Burton has been promoted to Manager of Development Services. Over the last couple of years, Seth has demonstrated a terrific vision for innovative client solutions, which, as we all know, is what ADTRAV technology is all about. In his role as Project Manager, Seth shepherded the development of two major new ADTRAV products, RezRequest and RezApprove. Through his efforts in the day-to-day leadership for these large projects and while juggling many account implementations at the same time, Seth has proven that delivering excellence in technology to ADTRAV customers is what he wants to be known for. In his new Role, Seth will oversee the application development team and all application development projects. Congratulations Seth! With your “Yes, we can!” attitude, we know you can achieve great things for ADTRAV in this new leadership role.

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