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The Human Resources / Talent Development Team had a chance to spend an evening at the Birmingham Ronald McDonald House and prepare dinner for those staying in the House.  As you may recall, Ronald McDonald House Charities provide temporary housing to families that are staying from out of town while their child is undergoing treatment/therapy at a Children’s Hospital or other pediatric facility.  Many of these families are already financially strapped because of their child’s illness and volunteers often help provide meals for these families.  The HR/TAD Team prepared chicken, roasted vegetables, macaroni & cheese and salad, most all from scratch for these families.  Funding assistance for the food items was provided via a grant request from the ADTRAV Community Impact Foundation.

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adtravOur thoughts and prayers go out to all of those who were and continue to be impacted by the recent hurricanes. ADTRAV is dedicated to providing Service Nonstop and recognizes this is even more critical during severe weather events. Many of our clients had travelers impacted, and we also serve a number of first responder organizations who assist in search, rescue, and recovery efforts. We too felt the impact within our ADTRAV Family and understood the critical nature of providing timely assistance. To ensure impacted travelers received the assistance needed and first responders quickly reached the impacted regions, we deployed our designated storm team, an integral part of our emergency event response protocol. Preparation such as this ensures that adequate staff and services are available during emergencies.

ADTRAV personnel have eagerly volunteered to assist with managing the phones and assisting travelers in making the necessary arrangements. Each weekend since the storms began, our staff has fielded triple the call volume of a typical weekend and has exceeded our service level commitments. The service we provided was our opportunity to participate in the relief efforts—we had 120 agents ready with 15 support staff and 8 managers, allowing us to answer 86% of our calls in less than 20 seconds and achieve a 96% RezFan rating. Where others may utilize third-party contractors, we only use ADTRAV-employed personnel for all agent services, which allows us to achieve the same target service levels around the clock.

These are the times that differentiate ADTRAV and we are proud to have provided such outstanding service during our clients’ time of need. You and your travelers can count on ADTRAV to continue providing the highest levels of service as the affected areas work to return normalcy.

Client Success Stories

“Thanks so much! You have impacted the post-storm response capability of [our] assets in the FL Keys in a way unimaginable! Your efforts will save live lives and allow us to return to the FL Keys as soon as possible to help those that will be in need. Thank you for your diligence and patience!”

“The highest level of customer service [was provided] while booking travel for two of our members deploying together for hurricane response operations. The details of the trip were complex and short fuse, but [she] patiently listened to the mission needs and expertly arranged travel itineraries simultaneously to meet the needs of the travelers and the unit. Thank you for the outstanding customer service!

And the winner is….


The ADTRAV Community Impact Foundation has made a $1,000.00 donation to the Justin J. Watt Foundation’s Houston Flood Relief Fund.  To learn more about participating in the ACIF and/or donating directly to the JJ Watt Houston Flood Relief Fund, see the links below.

ADTRAV Community Impact Foundation RezPortal Page

JJ Watt Foundation @

Please contact Dan Crumpton with any questions.

adtrav u group pic 1The 2017 Class of ADTRAV University has begun their journey towards becoming masters of the travel industry.  Join us in welcoming (right to left) Jeana Lively, Jessica Roberts, Judy Gamble, Deandra Fuller and of course our very own Jennifer “JJ” Johnson.  JJ has moved from her position into Accounting to train for a new career as a Travel Agent.  We are very excited to see these ladies join the ADTRAV Family.

As part of the ADTRAV Community Impact Foundation, Susan McDougal and Traci Murdock were pleased to present the Manna House Huntsville with a check on Wednesday, August 16. The Manna House is a 501(c)3 Public Charity that provides food assistance to those in need. They are supported by contributions from individuals, churches, civic groups, and businesses. While some food is donated and locally grown, most is purchased for their distribution programs. Want to learn more about the ADTRAV Community Impact Foundation and how you can help in your local community? Click here.

Manna House Huntsville

Check out the video below to learn more about some of the questions from Recharge that were not answered in the sessions.


On Saturday, July 22, members of the Ops team volunteered at Manna Ministries in Alabaster, a food share outreach program that provides food every Saturday to those in need—no questions asked.

The ADTRAV Ops team helped serve fresh vegetables, meat, bread, canned goods, and desserts to over 130 families. Ops participants included: Andrea Lewis, Sherina Bowens, Kim Brodie, Pamela Patterson, Eric Bowden, Lauren Morgan, Julie Kulp, and Sharon Posey. Andrea’s daughter Kelly and Kim’s daughter Shelby as joined in on the volunteering fun!

Manna 1 Manna 2 manna 3 Manna 4 Manna 5

More information can be found on Manna Ministries at:


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