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As part of the ADTRAV Community Impact Foundation, Susan McDougal and Traci Murdock were pleased to present the Manna House Huntsville with a check on Wednesday, August 16. The Manna House is a 501(c)3 Public Charity that provides food assistance to those in need. They are supported by contributions from individuals, churches, civic groups, and businesses. While some food is donated and locally grown, most is purchased for their distribution programs. Want to learn more about the ADTRAV Community Impact Foundation and how you can help in your local community? Click here.

Manna House Huntsville

On Saturday, July 22, members of the Ops team volunteered at Manna Ministries in Alabaster, a food share outreach program that provides food every Saturday to those in need—no questions asked.

The ADTRAV Ops team helped serve fresh vegetables, meat, bread, canned goods, and desserts to over 130 families. Ops participants included: Andrea Lewis, Sherina Bowens, Kim Brodie, Pamela Patterson, Eric Bowden, Lauren Morgan, Julie Kulp, and Sharon Posey. Andrea’s daughter Kelly and Kim’s daughter Shelby as joined in on the volunteering fun!

Manna 1 Manna 2 manna 3 Manna 4 Manna 5

More information can be found on Manna Ministries at:


The ADTRAV 5K team was up and out to Region’s Field early on Saturday morning. We ran in honor of Michael Contorno (husband of Tabatha Contorno) who is currently battling colon cancer. Michael and family participated in the 1-mile Fun Run! The team represented ADTRAV well as Angela and Roger both ran a personal best and long-legged Greg led the team as he breezed across the finish line in a little over 23 minutes (it’s just not fair!!!). Thanks to all who attended, ran, or contributed to this worthy cause. Next up for the ADTRAV 5K team…the Hometown Hero 5K at Oak Mountain State Park, benefiting the families of our local police. Come join us!Rumpshaker-24 Rumpshaker-23 Rumpshaker-22 Rumpshaker-21 Rumpshaker-20 Rumpshaker-19 Rumpshaker-18 Rumpshaker-17 Rumpshaker-16 Rumpshaker-15 Rumpshaker-14 Rumpshaker-13 Rumpshaker-12 Rumpshaker-11 Rumpshaker-10 Rumpshaker-9 Rumpshaker-8 Rumpshaker-7 Rumpshaker-6 Rumpshaker-5 Rumpshaker-4 Rumpshaker-3 Rumpshaker-2 Rumpshaker-1

CSN LogovestaviaThe CSN Team and supporters of the ADTRAV Community Impact Foundation made it happen again for Christmas.   Proceeds from fundraising and support from the ACIF allowed the CSN Team the opportunity to make Christmas presents a reality for 15 children again this year.   ADTRAV Family Members from Southlake, Huntsville and Vestavia did the heavy lifting and put it all together.  Thanks to all of you who support the CSN Team and the ADTRAV Community Impact Fund.

as gift pic

Michele Rima surveys the gifts that are ready to go to the children.

SMCC Presents


Christy Spencer is a wrapping expert!


JJ Johnson wrapping it up.


Accounting always comes together for CSN projects and team events.


Lisa measures twice and cuts once!


Sandra Callahan uses plenty of tape!


CSN LogoDon’t waste your time or money on a new iPhone 7.  The cool kids are getting onboard with something new and better.  We are taking preorders now for the ADTRAV Athletics / CSN Team Shirt.  Click here to get your order in now:  ADTRAV Athletics CSN Team Shirt Order Form . This is the go-to shirt for the next local 5K, Charity Walk, Half Marathon, Community Service Event or just a fancy night out on the town.  It’s a unisex shirt made with a high performance moisture wicking space age fabric.  This ain’t no cotton t-shirt that you end up cutting into rags to wash the car.  You’ll cherish this baby and be representing ADTRAV!  For only $20.00 you can get one for yourself or any other ADTRAV fan you know.  All proceeds go directly to the ADTRAV Community Impact Foundation and the charities that the Foundation supports.

ADTRAV Athletics_Shirt

CSN Logo

We all know someone who has been impacted by Alzheimer’s Disease and that’s why I’m asking you to join ADTRAV’s team for the Alzheimer’s Association Walk to End Alzheimer’s®, the nation’s largest event to raise awareness and funds to fight Alzheimer’s disease. Together, we can advance research to treat and prevent Alzheimer’s, and provide programs and support to improve the lives of millions of affected Americans.


Even if you are not able to attend the actual event, please join our team and be a part of this CSN function.  Join our team here:


Join Our Team

CSN LogoThe CSN Team got out this weekend to Ronald McDonald House of Alabama to prepare dinner for the nearly 40 families staying at the Ronald McDonald House while they care for children that are receiving care at Children’s Hospital of Alabama.  J.J. Johnson, Virginia Swift, Courtney Dearing, Vicki Horne, Kim Thompson, Dan & Leah Crumpton, Kim Brodie and her Mom, Jo Ann all came out to prepare what was reported to be the best meal these families have had during their stay at RMHC.  Grilled chicken, pan roasted veggies, homemade scratch macaroni & cheese and desserts were all prepared by the team.  It was a great effort and service to families that needed to be lifted up.  If you are interested in working with the CSN Team, in Birmingham or Virtually, please email Dan Crumpton.

rmhc group 1



ADTRAV bowling logo 8-27-15The ADTRAV Bowling Team was out in force last night at Oak Mountain Lanes.  We had a great time and some nice pizza and beverage.  We have a “new” trophy that we’ve added to the ADTRAV Bowling Hall of Fame.  The bowler with the highest score will have the honor of being the keeper of the ADTRAV Lady Bowler of Honor Trophy.  In a last ditch effort to bowl an extra game and steal the trophy for the next few months, Greg Tomlinson charged in with a score of 164 and now has the trophy.  He had a little help from Harper as well.



CSN Logo

On a CSN Team related note….  33 strikes were bowled on Tuesday night.  Greg Tomlinson and Dan Crumpton had pledged a $5 donation to the ADTRAV Community Impact Foundation for each strike bowled.  That’s $165.00 each to go to the new Foundation.


The sweetest time of year is almost here! The CSN team will be selling handmade Valentine’s Day candy grams for you to send to your favorite coworker to raise funds for future community service projects. Candy grams will be on sale from Thursday, January 28th through Monday, February 8th. We will hand out the candy grams to all associates on Friday, February 12th and virtual associates will receive theirs in the mail that same week. Here’s how to order:

  • Small: $3 (Will include Valentine treat bag filled with candies, complete with a message of your choosing)
  • Extra Sweet: $5 (Will include one Valentine treat bag filled with candies, complete with a message of your choosing and a full-size Hershey bar wrapped in a Valentine’s Day wrapper) *not available to mail to virtual associates
  • If sending to virtual associates: please add $0.90 per candy gram for postage costs


How to Place your Order

  • Go to and fill out *all fields* of the order form
  • Note- fill out one order form for each candy gram you send. Multiple candy grams cannot be ordered on the same form.
  • Be sure you have the following information to fill out your order form:
    • Recipient Name (First and Last)
    • Location of recipient (Southlake, Huntsville, Vestavia, Virtual)
    • Address of virtual recipient


How to Pay 

  • You can pay for your candy grams via paypal on the online order form. If you are ordering multiple candy grams, you can pay for all of them at once via paypal when concluding your orders.

**If you are paying via PayPal, please use as the e-mail address and select the “friends and family” option

  • Cash or Check: If you are in the SLK office, please bring your payment to Tabatha Contorno in the accounting department. If you are virtual, please mail your funds to Tabatha at 4555 Southlake Parkway, Birmingham, AL, 35244.
  • Make checks payable to ADTRAV Travel Management
  • Payment must be received no later than 5:00pm, Monday, February 8th

If you have any questions regarding orders, please e-mail

We hope to hear from you soon! Thanks for your orders :)

CSN LogoThis past Saturday, January 9th, members of the CSN Team volunteered at Birmingham’s Ronald McDonald House.  As you may know, Ronald McDonald House Charities provide temporary housing for out of town families that have children seeking serious medical care in the area.  Virginia Swift, Dan Crumpton, Leah Crumpton (Dan’s daughter), Aja Jean-Baptiste, Courtney Dearing, Angie Porter and Tammy Means all came out to prepared lunch for the parents and children staying at RMHC.   Want to learn how to get involved with the CSN Team contact Dan Crumpton.

image1 RHMC

image2 RMHC

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