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How Many New Contacts Will You Make?

The ADTRAV trade show is coming up on January 28, the final day of the 2018 Annual Meeting! This year, we have numerous airlines, individual hotel properties, hospitality management companies, more vacation vendors, and many new participants!

For vendors, the trade show is an opportunity to interact with you (their front line) and provide information about their services. For attendees, the trade show is an opportunity to learn more about ALL of ADTRAV’s suppliers—not just vendors you already interact with on a regular basis. Use the trade show to become better educated, so we can all better serve our clients.

Let’s remember our motto—Service Nonstop!


  1. Have a Plan
    • Review the participant list and floorplan (forthcoming) prior to the Annual Meeting.
    • Identify vendors you interact with and note table locations of unfamiliar vendors.
    • Vendor name badges will have an “Exhibitor” ribbon for easy identification.
  1. Dress to Impress (Comfortably!)
    • You are a representative of ADTRAV. Wear business casual attire and comfy shoes.
    • Be sure to wear your name badge proudly so vendors can identify you.
  1. Get Out There and Network
    • The more people you speak with, the more you will learn and make important contacts.
    • If you have business cards, bring them with you.
    • Don’t forget to smile! J
  1. Discover Untapped Opportunities
    • The more engaged you are, the more you will benefit from the trade show.

It’s GAME TIME! We are once again playing a game during the trade show! BIG prizes will be available—who will win? Stay tuned for more details!

Event Reminders

  • Vendors support our Annual Meeting financially. Let’s show them our support by making this the best trade show yet!

If you have any questions, please email

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Recognition, Awards, and More!

Top Producers and President’s Club (formerly known as Leaders’ Circle) winners will be announced, and others will be recognized as well. We are excited to find out who the big winners are and the big plans ADTRAV has in store for 2018.

And let’s not forget the door prizes! Prizes in recent years have included multiple international trips in business class (a 2017 winner went to Australia—airfare worth $26,000!), a trip to Hawaii (including airfare, hotel, and car rental), multiple-night stays at four-star hotels, and more!

Ross Bridge Fun Fact
During the Civil War, James Taylor Ross, a Scot who immigrated to the Southern United States, allowed a railway bridge to be built over a creek on his land. Known as Ross Bridge, the historical landmark still stands today.

Event Reminders
–Be punctual—door-prize winners must be present when their name is called.
–Remember to network with our supplier partners…these relationships are crucial to ALL associates.

If you have any questions, please email


Annual Meeting Email Header-01JANUARY 26-28 | BIRMINGHAM, AL | ROSS BRIDGE GOLF RESORT & SPA

Registration ends tomorrow for the 2018 Annual Meeting. Register for this important and fun-filled event now!

Register Now!

We are extra excited about our beautiful event venue, Ross Bridge! This elegant property is the only resort in Birmingham and is home to the fifth largest golf course in the world. When you’re not otherwise engaged in ADTRAV activities, you can relish in the resort’s beautiful grounds and luxurious rooms!

Ross Bridge Awaits

Why You Should Attend

– Create stronger bonds with your fellow team members
– Hang out with your awesome coworkers from other departments
– Network with suppliers and build new relationships
– Be inspired by our 2017 developments
– Learn about 2018 initiatives
– Have a BLAST!

Event Reminders

  • Attendance at each event during the three-day extravaganza is expected. Yes, even breakfast. Don’t worry, it’s fun! Plus, it’s the only way to secure your attendance bucks!
  • Please mix and mingle with our supplier partners. These relationships are crucial to ALL associates.

If you have any questions, please email

Check out the video below to learn more about some of the questions from Recharge that were not answered in the sessions.


HeaderPictures from the 2017 Annual Meeting and Trade Show have been posted! Check them out here and enjoy ☺.

Special shout out to Charn, our photographer, for doing such an excellent job…we appreciate all of your time and hard work!

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