Annual Meeting 2018 – Know Before You Go!

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Recognition, Awards, and More!

Top Producers and President’s Club (formerly known as Leaders’ Circle) winners will be announced, and others will be recognized as well. We are excited to find out who the big winners are and the big plans ADTRAV has in store for 2018.

And let’s not forget the door prizes! Prizes in recent years have included multiple international trips in business class (a 2017 winner went to Australia—airfare worth $26,000!), a trip to Hawaii (including airfare, hotel, and car rental), multiple-night stays at four-star hotels, and more!

Ross Bridge Fun Fact
During the Civil War, James Taylor Ross, a Scot who immigrated to the Southern United States, allowed a railway bridge to be built over a creek on his land. Known as Ross Bridge, the historical landmark still stands today.

Event Reminders
–Be punctual—door-prize winners must be present when their name is called.
–Remember to network with our supplier partners…these relationships are crucial to ALL associates.

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